Image informationΒΆ

Additional information on an image can be given in a file using the markdown syntax, named <imagename>.md (example:

Title: My awesome photo
Date: 2020-01-01T09:00:00

And a description with *Markdown* syntax.

EXIF data is directly extracted, see Simpler EXIF data output. Some meta-data keys are used by Sigal to get the useful informations on the gallery:

  • Title: the image title.

  • Date: the file date, useful when it cannot be read from the EXIF metadata, e.g. for videos and some image formats.

Any additional meta-data is available in the templates. For instance:

Location: Las Vegas

can be used in the template with:

{% if media.meta.location %}
<p>Location: {{ media.meta.location[0] }}</>
{% endif %}