Album information

Information on an album can be given in a file using the markdown syntax, named :

Title: Another example gallery
Thumbnail: test2.jpg
Author: John Doe
Sort: -name

And a description with *Markdown* syntax.

Some meta-data keys are used by Sigal to get the useful informations on the gallery:

  • Title: the gallery title.

  • Thumbnail: the thumbnail that will be used in the parent directory to represent the gallery.

  • Author: the author of the gallery, if present it is used instead of the author setting.

  • Sort: the sort order for the sub-albums of this album. If prefixed with a ‘-’ it will be in reversed order. Not supported to sort medias.

Any additional meta-data is available in the templates. For instance:

Authors: Waylan Limberg
         John Doe

can be used in the template with:

{% if 'authors' in album.meta %}
<p>Authors: {{ album.meta.authors|join(', ') }}</>
{% endif %}

If this file does not exist or if some meta-data is missing:

  • The directory’s name is used for the title.

  • The first landscape image of the directory is used as thumbnail, or the first image if no landscape image is found.