Install the extension with one of the following commands:

$ easy_install sigal

or alternatively if you have pip installed:

$ pip install sigal


  • Click
  • Jinja2
  • Pilkit
  • Python Imaging Library (PIL / Pillow, see below)
  • Python Markdown

PIL or Pillow ?

PIL is almost dead, the last release was in 2009. If possible you should prefer to use Pillow, a fork of PIL which is actively developped, with packaging improvements, Python 3 compatibility, etc.

You can install Pillow with pip install Pillow, preferably in a virtualenv. To have JPG and PNG support, you must first install the developpement packages of libjpeg, freetype2 and zlib.

  • For Debian/Ubuntu, this is possible with:

    apt-get build-dep python-dev python-imaging

    Debian/Sid users can use the experimental python-imaging package that is built from Pillow source.

  • For Archlinux, there is a package for sigal in the AUR which already uses Pillow.